• Interactive Timeline museum kiosk

Interactive Timeline

Interactive touch screen scrolling timeline allowing users to explore various periods throughout The Grove plantation's history. Pictures, text, video and audio enhance the visitor [...]

  • Interactive Museum Exhibit

Touch Screen Interactives

Eight custom interactive touchscreen kiosks placed throughout the museum allowing users to explore deeper into the content and artifacts in each area of the [...]

  • Museum Interactive Map of Neighborhood

Neighborhood Map

Large, interactive multi touch screen that allows visitors to explore a large neighborhood and learn more about key locations in the historical Savannah area through [...]

  • Touch screen exhibit

Create Your Own Banknote

Touch screen interactive workstation allowing museum visitors to custom design and print their own banknotes, including adding their own image via webcam. Foreign currency [...]

  • museum exhibit with interactive scale

Worth Your Weight in Gold

Interactive installation in which one or more visitors have the opportunity to stand on an industrial scale and see how many gold bars equal [...]

  • Interactive kiosk with built in quizzing

Quizzing Kiosks

Interactive Quizzing kiosks in multiple languages allowing visitors to test their knowledge in a fun, engaging format. Museum Interactive Displays with built-in Quizzing [...]

  • Interactive kiosk with audio player

Audio Interactive

Interactive museum kiosks serve as audio stations developed for use throughout the museum allowing users to hear first person period narratives. Interactive Museum [...]

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