• interactive mirror

Interactive Mirror

Eau Claire Children's Museum - Eau Claire, WI. An interactive mirror experience where children interact with a smart mirror that detects gestures. A matching [...]

  • Projection Wall Kiosk

Visitor Curated Exhibit

National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library - Cedar Rapids, IA. Multimedia experience consisting of interactive touchscreen kiosks with cameras. Visitors could create and [...]

  • Interactive Currency Database exhibit

International Currency Database

Banque du Liban - Lebanon. Multiple interactive tablet displays on rails allow visitors to search, sort and explore the entire currency collection. An easy [...]

  • Interactive Animated Map Exhibit

Historical Animated Map

North Dakota Heritage Center - Bismark, ND. How Big is a Glacier? Interactive touchscreen map allows visitors to explore the retreat of the continental [...]

  • Interactive Timeline museum kiosk

Interactive Timeline

The Grove Museum - Tallahassee, FL. Interactive touch screen scrolling timeline allowing users to explore various periods throughout the plantation's history. Pictures, text, video [...]

  • Interactive Museum Exhibit

Touch Screen Interactives

The Grove Museum - Tallahassee, FL. Eight custom interactive touchscreen kiosks placed throughout the museum allowing users to explore deeper into the content and [...]

  • Museum Interactive Map of Neighborhood

Interactive Map

The Beach Institute - Savannah, GA. Large, interactive multi touch screen that allows visitors to explore a large neighborhood and learn more about key [...]

  • Touch screen exhibit

Exhibit Print Kiosk

Banque du Liban - Lebanon. Touch screen interactive workstation allowing museum visitors to custom design and print their own banknotes, including adding their own [...]

  • museum exhibit with interactive scale

Interactive Scale Exhibit

Banque du Liban - Lebanon. Interactive installation in which one or more visitors have the opportunity to stand on an industrial scale and see [...]

  • Interactive kiosk with built in quizzing

Quizzing Kiosks

Banque du Liban - Lebanon. Interactive Quizzing kiosks in multiple languages allowing visitors to test their knowledge in a fun, engaging format. Museum [...]

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