• museum exhibit examples of interactive maps

Interactive Maps

A series of touch screen interactive maps available to visitors to Mission Tejas State Park in Texas. The touchscreen maps serve as interpretive guides [...]

T-Shirt Shooter Interactive Game

Custom interactive T-Shirt Shooter game developed for the Mascot Hall of Fame. One or two player competitive 9-inning game for kids. Responsibilities included control [...]

Medicinal Plant Garden Virtual Tour

Interactive virtual tour of the medicinal gardens at The Bakken Museum in Minneapolis. The interactive touch screen kiosk allowed visitors to virtually tour the [...]

Interactive Wall

Interactive installation consisting of 50’ wall with multiple touch screen panels of engaging activities to enhance the user experience.  From simple tap to reveal [...]

  • Interactive Touchtable

Touch Table

Large, interactive, multi user touch table enabling visitors to explore, sort, move, enlarge and scroll through multiple artifacts. Interactive Touchscreen Table Exhibit << [...]

  • Projection Wall Kiosk

Stewards of Freedom

Multimedia experience consisting of interactive touchscreen kiosks with cameras. Visitors could create and select content that becomes part of a large scale animated collage [...]

  • Interactive Currency Database exhibit

International Currency Database

Multiple interactive tablet displays on rails allow visitors to search, sort and explore the entire currency collection. An easy to use, back-end content management [...]

  • Interactive Animated Map Exhibit

How Big is a Glacier?

Interactive touchscreen map allows visitors to explore the retreat of the continental glaciers. Wall mounted interactive display enhances visitor engagement. Interactive Touchscreen Animated [...]

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